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unconditional love by sonnyaws
unconditional love
both are my ocs, named lotti and theo ^o^)/


their background story :

Name          : Charlotte Muller
   : Lotti
    : 12 y.o
Status        : assassin (part of viverò)
    : 150cm
Hair color    : dark brown
Eye color 
   : purple
    : Double barrel pistol
Personality : at first glance she looks like a doll, heartless. But actually she’s very shy and timid person, can’t express her feelings since she had mental broken.

Name        : Theo (last name unknown)
    : 16 y.o
: assassin (not part of viverò)
: 172cm
Hair color
   : black
Eye color   
: bright blue
: double barrel pistol
Personality : He’s calm, and clever. Always had a smile face and very warm hearted to Lotti. A bit cunning since that’s how he’s living his live. No much expressing his feeling either but his mental is not as broken as lotti.

viverò is a mafia rp group with my college friends

Their past

They both from the same organization since they are kids. What the organization do is keeping abandoned child and brainwashed them to devoted theirself to their only 'papa' (the leader). They were educated like animals, so they have both physical and mental pains. After the leader decided they are good enough to 'graduate' the leader will give them task to the outside world

    Theo is older than lotti and graduate first, lotti is a lot weaker than Theo, so her mind is kinda broken. And so Lotti had a lot of mark on her body from the ‘education’ she got (means she got tons of wound mark). Lotti right eyes also wounded from it. As she needs something to cling on to make her have a reason to stay alive, so she really don’t mind getting hurt from her ‘papa’ as long as she get praised and loved. The cause also because Lotti was adopted since she was a baby from a prostitution.

    Theo himself is pretty clever one, he act as he wants to cling to the organization but he realized that something wrong happen in the organization. His acts calm and keep continue his mission as he had plan to destroy the organization and help lotti.

    Both of them have a very close relationship since they live in the same cell when they were kid. Theo often brushed and braid lotti hair and he started to have the feelings to want to protect her.

    Lotti already graduate and now join an mafia group called viverò, Theo was nowhere found since he graduate first than lotti.

Tool : faber castel classic color

GUMI by sonnyaws
remaked art from this happy late birthday Gumi by sonnyaws
the meme before after meme : gumi by sonnyaws
since I kind of having artblock before, remaking art sometimes could cure me ^^

it's fun since I could see how much improvement I have too
hope you like it ^^

tools :
- faber castel classic color
- brown paper book
College Task : Game Interface (cover) by sonnyaws
College Task : Game Interface (cover)
Last post about my game interface task ^^)/
this is the cover, well the title just random from my head haha ^^;

Making the logo is pretty consuming time too (・・;)
//shout// finally this task is finished yaaay \o/
Flower girl by sonnyaws
Flower girl
A gift for my dearest best friend ^^)/
I'm pretty busy after college so I don't have much time contacting my friends out of my college,.so I want to give something as a gift ^^
/yes I did it at class :D
. .
/i'll make another one since I have 2 close best friends \(^^)/


Tools : sakura micron drawing pen 0.05, 0.3
Hello, I have just made an instagram account
If you like please kindly follow sonnya_ws ^^

In there I'll post doodles, sketch, inking, and college tasks :D
thank you for your attention ^^


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sonnya wijaya
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*Dev ID : a gift art from :iconzodiart: ^^

college friends ^o^)/
:iconneokirii: :iconaltonaix: :iconivyliau: :iconaddaline: :iconryuukatamae: :iconorcatea: :icondangel14:

work partner :D

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Will you comeback to YouTube?
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kazukizein Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2015
waks, ternyata org indo XD 
keren mbak gambar2nya :D
jangan sungkan2 mampir juga XD
Spark1eFountain Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Someone reuploaded your Hatsune Miku speedpaint.…
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Sonnyan-san, your art is really really amazing !
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sonnya senpai ;w; you're art so cute omg 😘
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Amazing! Do you have your own Utauloid? I vantage to listen some covers with it! So much Vocaloid! So cute!
So, I have my utau.
StitchedShadow Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2015  New Deviant Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I wish I could draw like you. You're the best!!!!!!!! Love 
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I love your art so much ;w;
OoPygmalion Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2015
Beautiful works!!!! *-* <3
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